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After 14 years of serving the Danville area and surrounding communities, Woodiwiss Painting has a reputation that can't be beaten. Whether it's a major corporate brand or a mom-and-pop shop down the street, we can offer you the same exceptional quality and provide it consistently. When working with us, you’re not only getting a painter, but you’re also getting the expertise and experience you need to complete the work on schedule.

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Our Services - Reliable, Professional Painting for Commercial Buildings

 Car dealerships

 Big box stores (e.g., Target)

Retail establishments

  Medical facilities and dental offices


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How Can You Tell When to Paint a Commercial Structure?

Unfortunately, many building owners don't know when it's time to apply a new coat of paint to their business. Sometimes, it's not really clear whether or not fresh paint is necessary.

The decision for many boils down to how much ordinary wear and tear there is on a structure’s exterior walls. Every type of paint wears down eventually and will require a new coat.

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