Your building’s image says everything about the business within. While a poor paint job or surface damage can be an eyesore (for both employees and clients), a fresh coat of paint can work wonders to transform the image of your business. Here at Woodiwiss Painting, we provide both interior and exterior commercial painting services for Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, and the surrounding East Bay area. Count on Woodiwiss for a professional paint job to improve your office, storefront, you name it. Do contact us for all your painting needs.

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Your property’s interior paint should reflect your business. Get a professional appeal with clean, grayscale walls. Or entice customers with interior paint that reflects your business’ branding. Or have your interior paint encapsulate the character of your restaurant. Regardless of your business and your vision for its interior, we’d be happy to help with a fresh coat of paint.

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There are a number of reasons to paint your business’ interior, from an aesthetic upgrade to damage repair. Whatever the reason, we can help. And it’s always our goal to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the final product. Consider painting your business for any of the following reasons:

  • Aesthetic Upgrade: An old, outdated workspace can be detrimental to morale. And a shabby storefront interior can be a deterrent for potential clients. Paint your business’ interior to show clients and employees that you care about the upkeep of your space.
  • New Property: If you’re moving into a new property, you may have to update its interior before operations begin.
  • Property Value: If you’re selling your property, it should look as good as new to earn the greatest returns for your investment. Have us apply a fresh coat of paint to boost the value of your property before you place it on the market.
  • Rental Properties: Interior painting is often a necessary part of upkeep for rental properties, especially if you’re going through tenant turnover.
  • Damage, repairs, wear and tears: Accidents happen in the workplace, and wear and tear is inevitable for your interior surfaces.


To ensure that you’re satisfied with your paint job, we’ll work through a step by step process with you, from start to finish. We want to understand your demands and vision, to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the final product. First, we’ll meet with you to talk about what you envision for your property. We can provide a color consultation at this time if you’re undecided about the paint colors that you’d like to apply to your business’ interior. Once you’re ready to get started, we’ll work with you to schedule time for painting — we want to ensure that your business can remain operational throughout the process, whenever possible. To start, we’ll move furniture and protect your surfaces and furnishings with tape, drop cloths, and plastic covers. Then it’s time to paint. Upon completion, we’ll meet with you again to ensure that you’re entirely satisfied with our work. And of course, we provide a thorough cleanup so that your business looks as it did the day we arrived.


Your building’s exterior is the first thing employees, clients, and passersby see when they approach your property — it deserves a professional paint job that captures your business image. We paint all exterior surfaces, including trim, siding, etc. We even provide stucco painting services for commercial buildings, and we may be able to perform some minor repairs, depending on the surface and the extent of the damage. Again, we always take great care to protect your property throughout the process, and we’ll work with your schedule to ensure that our painting services prove to be as convenient for you as possible.


For most commercial buildings, we recommend painting every five to 10 years. That figure depends on the type of siding material, and its exposure to weathering over the years. Keep an eye out for cracks, discoloration, and chipped paints — all signs that your building requires a fresh coat or paint to protect its siding. You may also need to paint your building for the following reasons:

  • Aesthetic Upgrade: As we mentioned, your building’s exterior is the first thing that folks see, and it should leave a good impression. If you’re dissatisfied with the look of your building, a coat of paint can work wonders to transform its look and aesthetic appeal.
  • New Property: If you’ve invested in new property, you may want to update the exterior paint to make it more reflective of the character of your business, or your new property may simply require a new coat of paint to cover the last old, outdated coat.
  • Property Value: As we mentioned above, a fresh coat of paint can boost the value of your property, should you decide to sell it. Consider painting the interior of the property as well as the exterior, if you’re
  • Rental Properties: Protect your rental properties and attract tenants with an updated look.
  • Damage, repairs, wear and tears: Your building’s exterior is exposed to the elements 24/7, and its paint is the first line of defense.


To ensure your complete satisfaction with our commercial exterior painting services, we engage in a detailed, step-by-step process. Our initial meeting is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and vision for your property's exterior. Here, we offer a color consultation to help you choose the perfect palette that aligns with your business's branding and aesthetic. We then schedule the painting at a time that minimizes disruption to your business operations. Our preparation involves safeguarding all surrounding areas to protect your property. During the painting phase, we use high-quality materials to transform your building's exterior. Once completed, a final walkthrough is conducted to ensure your total satisfaction. Our service concludes with a comprehensive cleanup, ensuring your property looks pristine and as it was before we commenced our work.



Alongside our traditional interior and exterior painting services, we provide a myriad of additional services, so that you only have to call one number to improve your whole home. Count on us for color consultations, cabinet painting, minor dry rot repair, sheetrock repair and texturing, wallpaper removal, exterior wood finishing, and sealing of smoke- and water-damaged services.

Learn more about our individual additional services below.

Layer 20

Colour Consultation

Can’t decide on the perfect color for your home’s interior or exterior? We can help. We have years of experience painting homes here in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and neighboring areas.

We've learned how to apply a keen eye to paint colors and how they work in different lighting conditions. You can use our input to help you select the perfect color. We can show color swatches and share with you sample paint to give you a preview of the color or colors you’re considering.

Layer 19

Cabinet Painting

Cabinets can become a bit of an eyesore with years of wear and tear. Plus all the grease and food splatters from the kitchen can show marks and blemishes.

We can paint their surfaces or refinish the surfaces to lend new life to the cabinets throughout your kitchen and other rooms in your home. In most cases, cabinet doors will be removed, painted, and reinstalled. It makes for a better application of paint or finish and it's faster.

Layer 18

Minor Dry Rot Repair

If you have dry rot impacting your siding, wood deck, or other surfaces, then it’s best to treat it before painting or finishing. We’ll treat and repair any minor cases of dry rot to ensure that your surfaces are ready for a protective coat of paint.

Repairing the dry rot will reduce the likelihood of dry rot returning in the near future.

Layer 17

Sheetrock Repair and Texturing

If you have damaged drywall panels, we can repair holes, cracks, and dents before applying paint. We also provide texturing services if you’d like to change the texture of your walls, or if you’d like to make damaged walls uniform.

Layer 16

Wallpaper Removal

Are your walls covered in outdated wallpaper? Count on us to remove wallpaper and prepare the surface for paint. We’ll steam it off and cart away the old wallpaper.

And we’ll remove the adhesive behind the wallpaper (including any gum or candy the kids might have stashed back there) and we’ll prepare the surface (with a primer, or with texturing, as you prefer).

Layer 15

Exterior Wood Finishing

Do you have a gazebo that’s lackluster after years of exposure? Maybe your deck is due for a fresh coat of stain to prolong its life in the rain and sun.

Regardless of the wood surfaces at hand, we can apply a stain to provide a few years of lasting protection and waterproofing.

Layer 14

Sealing Smoke- and Water-Damaged Surfaces

Some smoke- and water-damaged surfaces can be saved with a sealant which serves as a fixative on the surface, priming it for paint. If you have surfaces that have endured damage from water or smoke, let us take a look to see if they are repairable. If not, we can refer you to reputable contractors who can help.


At Woodiwiss Painting, we pride ourselves on our blend of experience, expertise, and a strong customer-centric approach. With years of professional experience in the commercial painting sector, our team brings a level of precision and skill to each project, utilizing the latest techniques and highest quality materials. Understanding that each client has unique needs and visions, we engage closely from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, ensuring that every aspect of the project aligns with our client's expectations. Our commitment to quality, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, makes Woodiwiss Painting the ideal choice for businesses looking for reliable and professional painting services.


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