Residential & Commercial Painting Services

The professionals at Woodiwiss Painting are here to help you with your next painting project. No matter if it’s painting the interior or exterior, or painting a residential or commercial property, we have all of the right tools and expertise to beautify your space. Below is our list of all of the painting services that we can provide. If you do not see your desired service below, feel free to contact us.


  • Color consulting - experienced, trusted designers
    • We can help you pick colors if you are lost. Even if you think you have picked out the perfect color, let our color matching experts take a look at your space and give their professional opinions. We know exactly what color will liven up or calm down any space, depending on what the space needs.
  • Interior painting - ceilings, walls, doors, trim, cabinetry
    • Our painters do not just limit themselves to painting walls - they can also liven up your ceilings, doors, trim, and cabinetry on the interior of your home! Whatever needs a painting update in your home, we can help fix it.
  • Exterior painting - siding, stucco, eaves, fascia, trim
    • Need to refresh the outside of your home? No problem! The expert painters at Woodiwiss have the experience to paint all types of home exteriors, including siding and stucco, and can even update the color of your eaves, fascia, and trim.
  • Minor dry rot repair - replacement and repair of damaged wood
    • If you have had any wood that has been damaged in your home due to dry rot, we can help by repairing or replacing it, as needed. Do not let issues like these backup and go unnoticed and unfixed. Repair them today and feel better about the structural security of your home.
  • Sheetrock repair and texturing - hole repair, texture matching, crack repair
    • Our team can help you with any repairs to the sheetrock in your walls. Any damage done under the surface of your walls can potentially spread and cause worse damage to the structure of your home. All holes, major or minor, that you notice on the surface of your walls could have deeper roots. Solve this problem before it happens by repairing any holes or cracks in your sheetrock. Feel confident that these repairs will not be noticeable with our expert texture matching on all sheetrock repairs.
  • Wallpaper removal - removal of old dated wallpaper, surface preparation for painting
    • Bring your home into the 21st century by removing all of the old and dated wallpaper on your walls. We will prepare any surface previously covered by the wallpaper to be ready for painting as normal. 
  • Exterior wood refinishing - preparation and staining of decks, fences, pergolas, arbors
    • If your home has any exterior wood-based fixtures, we can also help you update those with staining and refinishing. We can repair, prepare, and stain any exterior decks, fences, pergolas, and arbors at your house.
  • Sealing of smoke and water damaged surfaces - appropriate primer to block stains
    • Your home may have come into contact with some unwanted smoke and water, causing damage to surfaces such as your walls. Our experts can repair and seal any of these damaged surfaces using the appropriate primer to block stains. We use the appropriate primer on any damaged walls to block any stains from coming through the surface as well.


  • Sensitive to the needs of a thriving business - work with consideration to your space
    • Whatever update your thriving business needs, the experts at Woodiwiss Painting are here to help and liven up any space. We will work with you and on your business’s schedule to paint your commercial property just how you want it.
  • Interior and exterior painting - walls, ceilings, and other structures
    • We can revamp either the interior or exterior of your business - or both! Trust in us to paint both the inside and outside of any commercial property. We can paint just about any surface at your business.
  • Night and weekend work - to accommodate your business workflow
    • If you think that painting your business will disrupt the flow of business, think again! If you hire the professional painters at Woodiwiss, we can work with your schedule and accommodate your workflow. We can come in and paint your commercial space on the night or the weekend so that nothing is disturbed. 
  • Protection of sensitive business equipment and supplies - with your business in mind
    • Safety and the protection of your business are our biggest concerns when committing to a painting job. Our experts always use the proper equipment, supplies, and protection when working at your place of business. We go out of our way to ensure that any of your business’s equipment is properly protected at all times during the painting process.
  • Expert designers - to assist with the right color choices
    • If you are lost in terms of picking a color, or you are just unsure of your color choice, our experts can assist you in picking the perfect palette. We can come to your place of business and decide which color would suit it best.

Woodiwiss Painting in the East Bay Area

Let’s face it — all homes new or old — could use an update every now and then. One of the easiest and most noticeable ways to revamp your home or business is with a fresh coat of paint! We can work in and around Freeway-680's corridor in the East Bay Area. Our team is experienced in painting residential and commercial properties and can paint everything from your interior walls to the exterior to even decks and kitchen cabinets. Contact the professional painting team at Woodiwiss Painting in the Bay Area today for a painting project quote.

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