The best paint colors for a nursery are the ones you like

The best paint colors for your nursery are whatever you like. If there’s a rule, it’s probably:

  • Neutral shades with a few colorful accents
  • Something that makes you—the parent—comfortable in the room
  • And low-VOC.

Nursery paint colors invoke a ton of debate among new parents, and for a good reason. This is your baby’s room, and if the best nursery paint colors exist that can give your new baby girl or baby boy a little head start, then why not pursue that?

Go beyond the supposed best nursery paint colors

The problem is no research has been done to prove that nursery paint colors make one bit of difference in your child’s development, let alone their whole life.

Some studies show natural colors like green and yellow support health and recovery, along with natural light and lots of real plants. This is why nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities that support healing and recovery opt for these over gray paint colors and why patients facing windows overlooking trees and flowers do better than those facing a parking lot.

But the baby’s nursery is more about your comfort than the baby’s when it comes to the decor, furnishings, and wall color. Your little boy isn’t going to grow up and be more aggressive simply because there was a red accent wall by the crib. And your little girl isn’t going to grow up to be sheepish or more or less feminine because they had a pink nursery instead of a blue one.

The best or perfect nursery paint color doesn’t exist

It’d be nice to think choosing a blue or some other dark popular color like purple will reduce aggressive behavior or make your kids smarter. No paint color can do that. But it can alter your mood.

Most babies can’t see much further than a few feet away for the first several months of their life. But mom and dad can, so if the room is bright with natural light and you choose bright nursery colors on the walls, it can raise the energy in a room. Red, orange, and yellow make most people feel a little warmer and energetic. You’ll feel that, if only subtly.

Likewise, if you intend to sit in the nursery to nurse or just rock them to sleep, painting a room a calming shade like lilac green is a great choice and can lower the energy a bit and make you feel more relaxed, which can make your baby more relaxed.

Since most babies pick up on their parents’ emotions, you’ll transfer that energy from the nursery color to you and then to your child.

Where color matters in nursery paint colors

Ask yourself this: do you remember your nursery’s colors? Do you remember the wall colors from when you were a kid? Do your parents even remember the wall colors?

The color of the nursery should make it a cozy space. The furniture should accommodate this, too, along with comfy chairs and soft pillows for mom and dad. Obviously a crib and some toys belong in the child’s room, but most everything in there is about optimizing your ability to care for your child.

Turn to Woodiwiss for your baby’s room

We only use high-quality premium paints like Benjamin Moore. They’re our go-to brand for whatever nursery paint colors you choose. They’re environmentally friendly, high-quality, and incredibly durable. That’ll be important as your little one starts throwing things against the walls and they need a damp wipe-down.

No matter what your style is, we can help. And because the paint colors are one decision among many, our color consultation experts can help you decide between colors, an accent color (or not), and any other choices for your nursery room.

More importantly, we can make sure the paint colors applied to your nursery walls—and everywhere else in the house—are kid-friendly, safe for pregnant and nursing women, and create a hassle-free experience. Call (925) 595-3081, email, or contact us online to get started and ask questions.