You shouldn’t paint cabinets yourself. Just don’t!

kitchen with green cabinets

Painted cabinets are a great way to change your home. But you probably don’t want to do it. For a business dedicated to painting home interiors, roofing, washing and painting exteriors, refinishing decks and patios, and painting small businesses and some commercial offices, we talk a lot about how to do things yourself.  We’re not…

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Ask yourself this before you hire a color consultant or interior designer

The difference between color consultants, interior designers, and paint color consultations explained A color consultant helps people choose paint colors for their walls, usually by matching existing furnishings and room details. An interior designer helps with space planning by helping you select or install new lighting, materials, furnishings, textures, curtains, rugs, etc.  Typically you’d hire…

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Hire professionals at painting eaves and soffits to repair your home’s exterior

Most people don’t consider a paint job all that dangerous, and inside the house you’d be right. But exterior painting is full of hazardous situations because of the height required. OSHA’s top-ten workplace safety issues always include “fall protection” at or near the top. “Fall protection” is government lingo for “scaffolding and ladders.” If you…

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