Interior Design and Color Consultation in Lafayette, CA

If you’ve finally decided to remodel or renovate your home, choosing the right paint for the interior and exterior is undoubtedly a big decision. You need to be accurate and precise in picking a color combination as it has a significant value in the overall appearance of your home.

As a homeowner, it’s also essential to be confident in your decision. A little slip can make or break your home’s entire look. Unfortunately, with this much pressure, many people tend to make wrong decisions and regret them later.

To avoid all this extra stress and hassle, Woodiwiss Painting’s team of color consultants and interior decorators are here in Lafayette, CA, to help you out.

We realize that painting your home can update the entire look of your space and make you feel more at home. Our team of experts asks you about your expectations and wishes before giving their input. Since it’s your home, you should be in charge!

How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Home?

If you’re still stuck in the guesswork phase, make the right choice with these important things to consider.

The First Impression

The right color combination painted in your entire home adds a color statement and flow to your entire home. It tells you when you’re in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or library. No texture or pattern may make your home look lifeless and pale. But, on the other hand, choosing the right colors breathes life.


Your walls are the first things a guest notices, so the paint makes the first impression. It should be just according to your personality and the theme of your home. Believe it or not, paint also significantly impacts people’s moods.


Thus, add more colors to your baby’s room and soft tones to your own bedroom. Sounds perfect, no?

Different Shades of Paints

If you have no prior experience in interior decorating a home, you may find it quite hard to choose the right shade of your favorite color. That’s because every color looks different in varying lighting. For example, yellow may look brighter in natural light than in fluorescent lights.


Color saturation and paint intensity are more technical factors that may take you by surprise. So, it’s essential to choose a color that looks good at all times. A professional paint consultation service makes this process easier, less risky, and more fun!


Paint Finishes

Paint finishes are not just limited to flat, gloss, and satin. Instead, you now have a range of designer finishes that help you make the most out of your painting experience and select the best color combination for your home sweet home.

Complementing the Interior Design

When choosing a color combination for your home, make sure it complements the soft furnishing, flooring, finishes, or maybe furniture. This way, you can create a flow of colors in your home that portrays the overall vibe. In addition, the paint color should also complement the architecture and design of your home too!


A darker or warmer tone for the ceiling helps you create a cozy vibe. In contrast, white-colored ceilings make the room look more spacious. Another thing to consider is that your home’s exterior must compliment your interior.


Pair Up With Professional Color Consultants and Interior Decorators in Lafayette, CA

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